Food Delivery Plans

  1. Side Hustle Rider - From $49/week 

Perfect for the Part-Time Earner

For those looking to work around 2-4 hours a day, the Side Hustle Rider plan is an excellent choice. This plan is designed for individuals who already have a full-time job and are looking to make some extra money on the side.


- Flexible hours to fit around your primary job

- Extra income with minimal time commitment

- Ideal for testing the waters of food delivery

Check models here : Side Hustler


  1. Flexi Rider - From $59/week

Boost Your Weekly and Weekend Income

The plan is tailored for those who want to work around 5-7 hours, balancing deliveries with their main job throughout the week and weekend.


- Perfect for those with busy weekdays who want to earn on weekends

- Greater earning potential with a bit more flexibility

- Balances well with other part-time commitments

Check models here : Flexi Rider


  1. Steady Rider - From $69/week

Main Income Support with Moderate Hours

If you’re relying on food delivery as your main income source and are looking to work around 8 hours a day, the Steady Rider plan is for you.


- Consistent income with substantial working hours

- Sufficient flexibility to manage other responsibilities

- Great for riders who want a steady, reliable earning plan

Check models here : Steady Hustler


  1. Pro Rider - From $79/week

Full-Time Rider with Maximum Benefits

The Pro Rider plan is designed for full-time food delivery riders, offering around 10 hours of work per day with two batteries to ensure extended delivery hours without interruption.


- Maximizes earning potential with full-time hours

- Two batteries included for extended work periods

- Ideal for those committed to making food delivery their primary job

Check models here : Pro Rider