Procedure for Reporting and Tracking a Stolen Bike Using an AirTag


  1. Immediate Notification:

Notify us as soon as you realise the bike is stolen.

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  1. Filing a Police Report:

We will file the police report. Please ensure all necessary details are included (when, where, how it was stolen).

  1. Sharing AirTag Location:

To track the bike, you need an iPhone.

We will share the AirTag location using the Find My app on your iPhone. 

  1. Explaining the Precise Location and Usage:

Side note: To use Precise Location you need an Iphone 11 or newer!

  • 1. Locate the Device:
  • Important: DO NOT USE the "Lost mode" feature initially, as this will notify the thieves.
  • 2. Approach the Location:
  • Head towards the specified location using the map.
  • If you are not confident, get somebody to go with you and make sure it's safe for you to approach the premises. 
  • 3. Enable Precision Finding:
  • Once you're close to the location, your device will indicate that the item is nearby.
  • If the AirTag is within Bluetooth range, tap Find Nearby to help you find it
  • 4. Activate the Search:
  • Select the precision finding feature (find nearby). Your device will start searching for the exact position of the item.
      • 5. Follow the Directions:
      If the device successfully locates the item, it will provide you with specific directions to reach it.
        1. Contacting the Police:

        Once you have determined the location of the bike, contact the police for assistance.

        Confirm the bike’s presence at the location.

        Emphasise to the police that you DO NOT WANT TO DISTURB THE PEACE when calling.