eZee Street Alfine

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The same great little do’er by eZee but with the upgraded Generation 3 electrics. It has a full LCD display and integrated bike computer, a more intuitive pedal torque sensor, Alfine 8 speed hub gears and hydraulic disc brakes front and back. Nice!

A great lightweight small framed bike for the city commute or getaway. Ideal if space is a premium and you need to take the bike indoors. Will fit on the back seat of most four door cars. With beautiful 7 speed internal hub gears.

Note that this model is suitable for one child only. Two children or two child seats will not fit.

With one quick test ride, you will see this is the handiest electric bike you'll ever meet. Small and easy to manoeuvre, this zippy e-bike features optional sturdy front basket and unbeatable hill-climbing ability. The eZee Street is as small and fun as a folding bike without any of the compromises - that means a comfortable and sturdy riding position, a Shimano 7 speed internal gear hub, and freedom to add a front basket and gadgets to the handlebars. If you've found most bicycles are just a bit too big for you or your apartment or you just want an e-bike that's easy to hop onto and cruise to the shops in style then this one's for you.


Wheel Size 20inch / Max Speed 30kms  / 8 Speed Shimano Internal Alfine Hub gears /  Charge Time 3-4.5hrs / Range 35 to 45km / Weight 24 kg with battery  / State of the art Brake system with power cut-off ability to ensure safe riding / Hand speed control via motorcycle style throttle and pedal assist / Highest quality control system allowing for smooth and ultra clean handling / Comfortable height adjustable seat / Front LED light and basket / 36VDC Lithium battery  / High efficient 250W electric motor / 125Kg load capacity / Key lockable ignition and removable battery compartment.

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