Casual ebike Rental and Tours - City

We offers rental of Electric Bikes and Ebike Tours around Sydney in partnership with Sydney Electric Bikes and Journeys By Bike. It's a brilliant way to get familiar with the joys of electric pedal assist and is without a doubt the best way to see Sydney. 

We offer many different ebikes for hire for single day or multiple days. Please note that our city ebikes are located at our Ultimo store.


Our rental bikes can be upgraded to our Journeys By Bike self guided tour app. We can help you install it on your phone and pair to our SENA Bluetooth helmets for audio spoken turn by turn directions. If you are renting in a group you can go the SEB full monty upgrade to set up intercom helmet chat between all of you.  What tha? Read about our city and eMTB tours to get up to speed on a new way to tour by bike. So cool, so FUN.

For all local rental and tour participants we can credit you the full amount you pay towards the cost of a new electric bike if you just can't get enough. There is no better way to see if an ebike is going to work for you than spending the day on one.

City Tours

SER offers self guided and guided tours in our great city. We have custom built tours to suit visitors coming to Sydney or locals who want to see their own city from the perspective of an outsider. We have curated these tours to suit either a single day or multi-day adventure in the Emerald city.

Our city self guided tours are unique as they allow a single rider to put on one of our SENA Smart helmets with bluetooth audio and get turn by turn directions through our hand crafted tours so you can focus on points of interest on the way and let our virtual tour guide show you where to go. For couples or larger groups our SENA helmets and matching UE Boom audio speakers allow intercom chat amongst the group and turn by turn directions to the nominated lead rider. It has to be experienced to be believed, this is the best way to see a city!  So much better than sitting on a bus or in a car and trying to experience a city behind closed doors, that is lame and boring . What do you really see?

On an ebike you will experience Sydney in the most exciting way possible. Our ebike tours have been designed to utillse the ever expanding bike path network in Sydney and offer you the safest way to ride with traffic. As you have a motor to assist you, taking off is faster than an acoustic/analog bicycle so you will be able to keep up with Sydney's cars when you need to share with them. Depending on the time of day you will often be quicker than them! If you are nervous about riding in a large city our Riding Guide will give you lots of advice for the best way to ride in Sydney so you can get the most enjoyment out of your Journey BY Bike.

Our tours don't just take you to a location, they immerse you in the history and importance of a place. Sure we will take you to the flagship spots, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are a MUST but it's all about the journey not the destination alone. Our tour stops are an interactive experience. Click on our SEB map on your phone and discover via web links why these locations have become world famous. We also delve deeper in and give you histroical information and fascinating insights into these classics. We ask questions of you at each stop to get you thinking and talking as group. In between each point of interest as your ride you can chat amongst your friends or listen to your tour guide if you have selected a guided tour.

We have designed our tours to suit either your length of stay or your personal interests.

You only have a day in Sydney and want to see the main sights in the fastest and most exciting way possible? Then the SEB Express Tour is for you as you can rent a bike and see the most popular attractions in Sydney in a day.

If you have two days in Sydney we recommend you join the SEB Beaches Tour which includes the SEB Express Tour and an additional day to discover Sydney's finest beaches. Pack your swimmers as you will be getting wet!

Three days in Sydney? Even better. Combine the SEB Express Tour, SEB Beaches Tour and add in the SEB Inner City Tour or the SEB North Shore Tour for three days of jam packed two wheel adventure and get to feel like you really got to see Sydney for what it is - one the best damn cities on the planet!

Here for four days? Combine all four tours for the SEB Ultimate Tour. A great way to see the best and most of Sydney, not just the main tourist attractions but so much more. Immerse yourself in Sydney like a local.  We promise you will see more on a bike and have more memorable experiences than seeing a city on a bus or in a car.

Here for more than four days? Then go the full effect and select the SEB Jam Pack for all of the four SEB tours and have the ebike and tours for the entire week. Ride one day, rest the next or go off on a choose your own adventure. A week to remember!

Ultimo Rentals Location - City Ebike rental and tours.

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210 Harris Street, Pyrmont. 2009

Monday to Friday : 10am to 6pm / Saturday : 10am to 3pm / Sunday closed.

What we need from you.

We will need to hold a valid drivers license or a Passport if you are visiting from overseas. Please bring that with you. In addition you will need to pay a safety deposit which is a pre authorisation on your credit card or a cash payment. Fully refundable when the bike is returned in working order after a check over. Amount of deposit varies depending on the model you rent. 

There is no insurance for theft so we supply you a lock. If it is stolen you will need to pay to replace the bike.