Cargo Rental Subscription

Sydney Ebike Rentals is delighted to announce a brand-new rental partnership with Sydney Electric Bikes, now offering leading electric cargo bike stockists including Eunorau, Sunmono, Benno, Tribe and Independent cargo ebikes.

Unlike other cargo bike rental plans we offer every possible design and budget for our customers. We offer not only Mid Drive but Hub motor options which are far more suitable for customers who are less experienced with bike riding and gear changing.

We also offer a price point that ranges from $3000 so offer the most affordable models on the market. We also make sure your decision is based on real world experience, whether it be a consultation at one of our stores or a rental period we can really put the cargo bike through its paces.

We also make sure your cargo bike is set up with whatever accessories are most suitable for your family. We don't charge extra for those, they just come bundled with the bike.

Our rental program starts with a 4 week minimum commitment, followed by week by week extensions offering you maximum flexibility.
There is also a  "Rent to buy" option if you decide within the first four weeks that you love the bike so much and want to keep it long term. As soon as your weekly rental payments reach the agreed purchase price including any interest payments,  you will be the proud owner of the bike that you have tried and tested all along. How good is that? 

Behind every happy family riding an e-cargo bike, there is a faithful team of bike enthusiasts making sure they received the best advice possible. Sydney Electric Bikes have been selling and servicing e-bikes for more than 13 years and we are happy to share our expertise with you.

Make sure to book a free consultation with us and test ride the widest range of electric cargo bikes in Australia.
If you are new to the whole cargo bike concept sit back, relax and watch some of our introductory videos for your viewing pleasure  


Rear Hub

Sunmono Mars Cargo - Rear Hub - $70
Vyron Liv-E - Rear Hub $75

Vyron Haz-E Long Tail - Rear Hub - $80

Vyron Hauler - Rear Hub - $80

Mid Drive
Tribe Evamos - Mid Drive - $80
Benno Boost - Mid Drive - $90

Yuba Spicy Curry - Mid Drive - $90

If you decide to buy the bike you are renting, you can use our calculator to work out the remaining amount to own the bike. Please note if you want to purchase a brand new model you need to make a decision to purchase within the first four weeks of rental. After that time period you can still purchase the model you have on rental or a cargo electric but you wont be able to use the rental payments as a credit against a new model. The security deposit however you can use towards a new purchase as long as there is no damage to your rental bike.


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Rear Hub or Mid Drive? Which bike is best for me?

We offer both flavours of motor rather than just a mid drive option. We have found a lot of our customers prefer the power vs pedal effort of a hub motor snd the ability to use a throttle for easy take off. Don’t rent or buy a cargo bike unless you have sampled both options. 

Rear hub motors need less effort by rider to generate the same amount of output as a mid drive motor. Especially more power on hill climbs from the takeoff.

The is no need for changing ones pedal stroke to minimise chain and cassette wear. Rider can pedal through the stroke in the same way as a normal bike. 

Mid drive motors offer a much nicer weight distribution with the motor low and centred to the frame. Bike will feel more like a standard bike.

More efficient use of the your contribution as the motor is designed to leverage the gears like a motorbike. A mid drive bike will get further range than a hub motor especially on big ascents.

Chain and cassette wear can be worse than a hub motor unless the rider is able to slow the pedal stroke to accomodate the heavy loads on the chain and cassette. On some mid drive motors like Bosch and Impulse the motor will power off when the rider shifts gears but the motor is still engaged while it spins down so the rider should slow the stroke before shifting to minimise clunky and intrusive gear shifting. This is imperative as there is no sensor to turn off the motor when shifting gears so the chance of snapping a chain or hangar is high especially on full power and on steep offroad hill climbs.

It's very hard to know what is right for your experience and budget until you actually ride the bikes so please don't form an opinion until you have actually ridden a good range of ebikes at a real ebike shop - like us. :) 




This electric cargo bike is the perfect bike for running errands around town. Built around a lightweight aluminium-alloy long-tail frame. The bike comes with a rear rack suitable for mounting a large shopping crate, saddlebags or an optional child seat. This makes the Electric Cargo Bike one of the most adaptable machines for busy families.

A$70 per week, includes accessories *


Want to have fun with the kids (or Grandkids) meanwhile doing the shopping, drop-offs or just out for the day? Then we have the ebike for you. This is a long tail cargo Bike which allows the maximum amount of room for two kids.

The HAZ-E uses a rear hub motor, one of the benefits is the simplicity, mid drive motors are more complex to use, it also comes with a Thumb throttle for instant take off which has been really popular on our cargo bikes customers

A$80 per week, includes accessories *


Brand new for 2023 comes the Liv-E electric cargo bike.

After 12 months of R & D we finally have a smaller, more compact cargo bike to offer you.

As with the Haz-E it comes with the rear rails, rear padding, side steps and front rack for no extra cost.

The HAZ-E uses a rear hub motor, one of the benefits is the simplicity, mid drive motors are more complex to use, it also comes with a Thumb throttle for instant take off which has been really popular on our cargo bikes customers

A$75 per week, includes accessories *

Tribe Evamos

The swiss army knife of bikes. Turn the chore into the experience with room for up to 2 kids (maybe even 3 if they squish up!). Use the innovative MIK mounting system to quickly turn your bike from kid hauler to cargo hauler and back again. All in a bike barely larger than a regular bike. The guys at TribeBikes put together a detailed review you dont want to miss, so make sure you watch it below:


Longtail cargo bikes have their style in their name, with a ‘long tail’, your cargo can be carried behind you. The Evamos Longtail has room for two kids behind you (maybe even 3 if you really squish them in), and a front rack to carry anything else.

A$80 per week, includes accessories *



Benno Boost E - Cargo Electric Bike - Step Through 2022

Challenging environments and heavy loads are no match for the uncompromising and award-winning Boost E. This compact and extremely sturdy Etility® bike is always ready for the next adventure – close to home or far from civilisation.

A$90 per week, includes accessories *



Why should I rent with you?

If you ever thought that buying  an e-bike was a luxury beyond your means, this is no longer the case. Or maybe you just want to check how an e-carge bike fits into your lifestyle.

We did extensive research and came up with the best range possible, not only for bikes but also for all available accessories

We have the Widest e-bike range in the land so even if you are after a specific model you can explore different options before you rush in and make a decision

Multiple stores across Sydney and Canberra.

Sounds amazing, how does it work?

  • Reach out by texting us on 0480 018 349 and book a session with our cargo bike experts in-store, we will listen to your needs and expectations and will provide the best advice so you can choose a bike that best suits you.
  • Once we know which bike you want we will confirm stock and arrange a pick up and handover at your closest store
  • There is a small amount of paperwork to fill out then you can take it home and enjoy!
  • Things to know:
  • Minimum rental period is 4 weeks, you can extend weekly thereafter with  a minimum of 2 weeks notice before returning the bike.
  • All of our cargo bikes include all available accessories without extra cost ( Child Seats, Soft spots, Monkey Bars, Footrests and other necessary parts to enjoy your cargo bike at its fullest), some accessories can be unavailable sometimes due to stock availability.
  • You will be responsible for the bike's safety, theft and damage are not covered by the subscription
  • Bikes cant be used for commercial purposes 

  • Do you deliver the bikes?
    No, as we believe it is really important for you to come in and spend some time with us, even if you come with a model in mind we will go through all of the different alternatives to make sure you are choosing the best bike. Call believe getting a cargo bike delivered to your house it’s not a smart way to do things.  

  • How much do I need to pay to get started?
    You will need to pay 1 month in advance, and $500 security deposit which will be returned at the end of the rental period as long as the bike is in the same condition as when you collected the bike. Normal wear and tear is obviously not a problem.  

  • Where can I go for a free consultation?
    You can visit us at: Pyrmont, Narrabeen, Engadine and Hornsby. For Canberra you can visit us at Phillip.

  • Does the subscription includes service? 
    Your rental includes a free general maintenance every month and tyre punctures (conditions apply). You can book a service through our rentals website.

  • That’s it! 😎