Casual ebike Rental - eMTB

We offers rental of Electric Bikes and Ebike Tours around Sydney in partnership with Sydney Electric Bikes and Journeys By Bike. It's a brilliant way to get familiar with the joys of electric pedal assist and is without a doubt the best way to see Sydney. 

We offer many different ebikes for hire for single day or multiple days. There are discounts for multiple day hire.

We use a range of ebike brands such as Focus, Merida, Lapierre and Norco.

Please note that our city ebikes are located at our Ultimo warehouse and our offroad mountain bikes are located at 210 HArris Street, Pyrmont. 


If you are renting in a group you can go the SEB full monty upgrade to set up intercom helmet chat between all of you . So cool, so FUN.

We can supply MTB body protection also such as knee pads, elbow pads and full face helmets for an additional cost. All emtb rental bikes come with a standard helmet. We strongly recommend knee pads. Even better would be a full face helmet and elbow pads.

What we need.

We will need to hold a valid drivers license or a Passport if you are visiting from overseas. Please bring that with you. In addition you will need to pay a safety deposit which is a pre authorisation on your credit card or a cash payment. Fully refundable when the bike is returned in working order after a check over. Amount of deposit varies depending on the model you rent. 

There is no insurance for theft so we supply you a lock. If it is stolen you will need to pay to replace the bike.

For all local rental and tour participants we can credit you the full amount you pay towards the cost of a new electric bike if you just can't get enough. There is no better way to see if an ebike is going to work for you than spending the day on one.

eMTB Tours

Sydney Electric BIkes has been selling and riding electric mountain bikes for 12 years. Our staff commute on eMTB, tour on eMTB and race on eMTB. It's fair to say we live and breath electric mountain bikes and know a thing or two about where to ride in Sydney and it's surrounds. Sydney is not known internationally for it's mountain biking network but it bloody well should be! There is so much good riding in Sydney, we can take you there either self guided or hang with us and we can send it with you!

We cater for all types of riders and experience. We have a SEB Form to fill out which helps us guage your riding level so we can curate an offfroad adventure that most suits the group or solo rider.

Our off road tours can be self guided with train access to a range of exciting riding locations from Central Station or for solo riders and couples we can arrange for pickup at our Engadine, Hornsby and Narrabeen Stores.

Our tours can be upgraded with our SENA bluetooth helmets for either solo music while you ride or intercom chat amongst your crew. It's a totally different way to ride on single track. 

Visiting Sydney and need a guide to show you around our extensive mountain trails? We can do that too. Our eMTB guides are experienced riders, can fix a flat tyre, give you some riding technique tips and get you on some sweet Sydney single track in no time at all. We can curate a two wheeled adventure based on your riding level and how steep and technical you want to go, Sydney has it all. We welcome all types of riders, solo, groups, families, whatever.

If you really want to splurge then upgrade to the SEB Shuttle Pack and we will supply the eMTB bikes, the guide AND the vehicle to get you there and shuttle your lazy arse's! Just kidding, you will still get a workout, the Shuttle PAck is gravity focused so think lots of downhill riding and driving between locations to maximise your riding session. The supplied vehicle allows us to ride far more than train transport and is ideal for multi day rental adventures.

Speaking of adventure... The most Jam Packed Pack is the SEB Adventure Pack. If you are up for the challange and have the time to really experience mountain biking in Sydney and beyond then the Adventure Pack packs some serious punch. We have curated a stack of multi day trips around Sydney and throughout NSW and the ACT.

Our adventures can be customised to suit how much plush you need. Happy to keep it on a budget we can go rough and ready, staying in budget accomodation or even camping out. A lot of the trails we ride at are in State Forests or near camping grounds so easy to setup and ride from our base. Our vehicles can be suppied with rooftop tents for that treehouse vibe and your guide can cook for you after a long day in the saddle. Don't expect five star dining but you won't be hungry when you go to bed. Beers and mountain bIke’s go hand in hand so we can also cater for some cold ones. But not too many, we need to ride again tomorrow!

If a bit more glamping is your style and you want a little more luxury after a day of riding we can book you into whatever accomodation you desire and your budget can tolerate.

Here are some of our eMTB adventure itineries.


Sydney North

Garigal NP / Belrose / Warrimoo / Bare creek / Mt Narrabeen / Bahai
Either as single half day in and out or as a full day adventure, even an overnighter adventure. Beach side trip. Can we accessed by SEB Shuttle Pack or Bike n Ferry hussle. One or Two days

Central Coast (North of Sydney)
Train hussle to Woy Woy then Ride on beach track to Killcare via Skull cave. Back via Bungaree ridge DH.  One day.
Or all accessed via Shuttle Pack vehicle and continuing onto Ourimba and Awaba networks.  One, two or three days.

Newcastle. (North of Sydney)
Glen Rock / Dungog / Barrington Tops. Multi day adventure awaits if combined with above days.


Sydney South

Royal National Park / Menai. / Woronora Heights. One day. Train and ride hussle possible.

Illawarra. (Advanced gravity riders)
Austi DH / Weekend at Bernie’s / Bulli DH  / Tarrawanna and Possums. One day. Train and ride hussle possible or multi day with stayovers.

Wollongong trails.  (Advanced gravity riders)
Unintrack and boneyards / Mt Keira / Mt Kembla. One day. Train and ride hussle possible or multi day with stayovers.

Close to Wollongong.
Cringilla / Greenvalleys MTB Park. One day. Train and ride hussle possible or multi day with stayovers.

Locations - eMTB and Road Rental and tours.

210 Harris Street, Pyrmont. Text ahead to arrange a Mountain eBike rental. Roads bikes are good to go anytime but we need to ask some questions before renting out MTB eBikes.

Monday to Friday : 10am to 6pm / Saturday : 10am to 4pm. Sunday Closed. If you collect on Saturday you can return the bike on Monday morning.

We are open on Sunday if you are booking a tour as an all day tour or multi days during the week.